Dining Room

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    The dining room of a local B&B who contracted me to take pictures of the interior for upload to a website. This is an HDR image taken with no flash. The client was quite pleased with the results. All this expensive photo equipment is actually starting to pay for itself. :-)
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    1. deb sidelinger 108 months ago

      wonderful shot, beautiful room.

    2. Trapac 108 months ago

      I'm not an enormous fan of the latest craze for HDR on flickr - mainly because it is so often overdone and renders the image more like an illustration in a comicbook. You appear to have avoided that here and the final effect is much better for it. I love these colours too!

      (1-2-3 Pool.)

    3. redmann 108 months ago

      Thanks all. HDR was originally intended for light correction on interior shots. The entire HDR phenomenon of outdoor shots is actually superfluous. (although I have used the dark side myself) Knowing what HDR was intended for, I was able to use the tool to get a fairly accurate representation of what the room looks like in reality. The outdoor view through the window is actually what you see, not a blown out rectangle of light that might appear in an average non flash photo of this scene, again, an accurate representation of the space. I would have prefered blinds, but this is the way the room actually looks. The rich colours are fairly representative of the HDR genre, but are not too out of line.

    4. deb sidelinger 108 months ago

      i have to say i agree with Trapac about HDR... i've seen very few HDR shots where i felt it really added something of value to the shot. in this one it does... brings out those gorgeous colours.

      thanks for explaining, i didn't know the background to HDR.

    5. Perla* 108 months ago

      Lovely room! Very cozy! And the colors are great, very welcoming...
      It's a FAVE!


      Please post it at "It’s multi-colored!!!" @

    6. Bird Mom 108 months ago

      This is wonderful.
      Great Job.

    7. Imapix 108 months ago

      Great job ............indeed!

    8. Carrie Taylor 108 months ago

      Beautiful job shooting a colorful and enticing room. *applause*

    9. eva8* 108 months ago

      wow, good job, excellent photo, and congrats on making money with your camera.

    10. Yer Sister 108 months ago

      @Jean: Yes he was recommended by me, I got a call from the owner saying "she didn't need a website" but needed some photos done of the house. So I steered towards "this photographer that I use." Ian has done some work for me on a local hotel website and I must say his room photos were every bit as good as some of their other photos taken by a professional.

      This HDR stuff solves a whole bunch of lighting problems. with blown out windows and the need for colour correction when using artificial light, or "flat" lighting caused by flash. There is an inherent grain problem, however, due to using low-light conditions.

    11. work2snap 108 months ago

      Congratulations Ian!!
      You certainly made the b & b look very inviting. I am very intrested in the use of HDR and how you decided to use it for this image.

      Getting those client checking can be pretty exciting!!

      Way to go!

    12. Rob Millenaar 108 months ago

      Impressive. A wonderful result!

    13. ... Arjun 108 months ago

      Gorgeous range with the HDR.

    14. FotoBlu 108 months ago

      Wonderful room, I love the colours and the view from the large window and the composition ! Thanks for your comment

    15. Ed Karjala 108 months ago

      Very nice image. HDR is fun and usually used in a gimmicky way. You have completely avoided the gimmick factor here, showing a very useful and practical application for HDR.

    16. oopsfotos.nl 105 months ago

      this is so impressive
      so impressive indeed!

      it's good to know
      that you are making money with your equipment now!

    17. buddymaxx50 [deleted] 105 months ago

      Great image.

    18. Sergio Parisi 91 months ago

      Great HDR. The colors are fantastic.

    19. Creativity+ Timothy K Hamilton 77 months ago

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called 1000 views + 40 faves - Quality AND Quantity, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

      Wonderful work, Ian.
      congrats on making some dough, too!

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