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Luna Park, St Kilda

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  1. waynemethod ages ago | reply

    beautiful angle.

    voted saveme2

  2. Jen Leheny / Red Instead ages ago | reply

    if I'm not mistaken, there's a
    saveme, saveme1, and saveme2

    and then there's a
    deleteme, deleteme2 and deleteme3

    so 3 of each but different numbering.
    can the next voters please fix that up? :)

  3. Leon Jacobs ages ago | reply

    It's quite good.

    -voted as "saveme4" (from Deleteme! group)

  4. kool_skatkat ages ago | reply

    also best view by looking.. I like the composition!

  5. Ty_Milner ages ago | reply

    This is very interesting to me keeps my attention I would not mind a print of this for my house!

    -voted as "saveme6" (from the Delete me! group)

  6. SCFiasco ages ago | reply

    I think that there could have been more to a picture than border and tonal range. Hey, how about a subject, why don't we? DM4

  7. technicolor ages ago | reply

    One of the better ferris wheel shots I've seen in a long time.

    And I think the border works with the image.


  8. dvaires ages ago | reply

    I have to agree with technicolor (SCF, btw, why no subject?). I enjoy the mood the image conveys, the quality is great, and for once, the post-prod frame actually adds to the comp!

    -voted as "saveme8" (from the Delete me! group)

  9. SCFiasco ages ago | reply

    @dvaires: Compare this photo to this one in the safe: www.flickr.com/photos/juancp/37358602/in/pool-66382103@N0...

    The safe picture stands on it's own without a border. Ergo, since it does, it therefore has a subject - while this shot NEEDS the border to make it more appealing. Sorry JenRedInstead for making your stream photo a soapbox.

  10. elaine faith ages ago | reply

    i like this very much.


  11. dvaires ages ago | reply

    Hm, I still don't get your point about no subject SCF and I doubt I'd have saved that picture you are sharing (sure juancp'd be ok with that!). I didn't ask the q to challenge you, though. I was just curious about what you meant.... Let's use the old agree to disagre, yes? :-)

  12. nickehret ages ago | reply

    Good photo, cheesy faux vintage border.

    -voted as "deleteme5" (from the Delete me! group)

  13. Dustin@DLimage ages ago | reply

    this is nice.

    -saveme 10

  14. Jen Leheny / Red Instead ages ago | reply

    YAY! thanks everyone! :)

  15. Hourman ages ago | reply

    Take it to The Safe

  16. mimbrava ages ago | reply

    Wow! Congrats on #1!

  17. va-va_vogue [deleted] ages ago | reply

    i love this photo so much!
    and i love farris wheels

  18. SidGee ages ago | reply

    love the tones!! and the border too actually

  19. Pati Montero ages ago | reply

    Amazing! I love it!

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