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Quixote's Nightmare

'Quixote's Nightmare' On Black and Large


Is this the stuff of Quixote's nightmares? I tried getting the windmills to synchronize their dance...but they weren't cooperating. The rows and rows of windmills in the distance is a tad bit daunting, no?


The North Palm Springs windmill farms off Interstate 10 and Indian Ave.


Wind energy accounts for 1.5% of the state's gross energy production. The San Gorgonio pass, home to the Palm Springs windmills, creates a perfect wind tunnel, allowing for energy production upwards of 300 days a year. Enhancements in windmill technology have increased dramatically, and maybe this will be a common site in the future as we look towards perfecting various forms of renewable energy sources.


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Palm Springs, California

May 19, 2007

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