9.21.12 Alameda County Heroes Breakfast

Act of Kindness and Philanthropy Hero
•Sergeant Fredrick Bobbitt aided the family of a young Fremont police officer who developed a rare cancer, acting as a liaison between the organization and the officer, to ensure the officer’s needs were met.

Animal Rescue Hero
•Alex Fernando took the initiative amongst several other watchers in Berkeley to rescue a puppy who was brutally abused by a homeless man.

Community Service Hero, Organization
•Alameda County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue Unit, 97 dedicated unpaid volunteers, who provide professional level of search management and incident leadership to effectively locate, stabilize and transport lost or injured persons within the county.

•100 Black Men of America, Inc. are dedicated to helping African American youth by providing scholarships and mentoring while trying to improve the quality of life for all local communities.

Community Service Hero, Individual
•Maryann Mitchell has helped the community of Oakland for the past 22 years by distributing backpacks, providing meals to needy families, and offering hygienic products and job announcements to transient registrants, all while ensuring that clients are served with kindness.

Act of Courage Heroes
•Sheriff Deputies Tony Whittle and Sandra Williams reacted quickly and collaborated together, while risking their own lives, to rescue 24 inmates locked inside a burning bus while on their way to the Santa Rita Jail.

Lifesaving Heroes
•James Jackson saved the life of a disabled Oakland resident whose body was on fire while trying to escape the burning apartment.

•Sergeant John Kovach, Officer Randy Ramos and Officer Karl Geser of Newark were collectively able to locate the life threatening injuries that a victim endured due to multiple gunshot wounds and saved his life

Blood Donation Heroes
•Catholic Diocese of Oakland and 14 Stakes of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints partnered up with the American Red Cross Northern California Blood Services Region to collect 1,700 units of blood in one month; the largest single blood drive in history for this region and the largest faith-based blood drive in the national organization’s history.
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