Brown bread ice-cream

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    I had some stale bread which I used to make this ice-cream. The bread crumbs are caramelised with sugar to give a nice crunch. Recipe for this here.

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    1. {JO} ages ago | reply

      This is a fabulous, refreshing shot!!!
      Despite my sweet tooth, I'm pretty hopeless at desserts, but I have had a go at ice-cream....MUST try this! It looks and sound wonderful!!

    2. my shadow is a monday [deleted] ages ago | reply

      wow! this is increadible. bread ice-cream?? i would love to taste that.
      btw beautiful shot :)

    3. redcipolla ages ago | reply

      Jo: Do you have an ice-cream machine then? I love mine. There are so many different types of ice-creams and sorbets you can play around with!

      edyta: Apparently, this is a recipe dating from the Victorian era so it's actually quite old.

    4. elskermeg [deleted] ages ago | reply

      I've never heard of such a thing! Interesting recipe and great photo! Makes me want to pull my ice cream maker out of the cabinet.

    5. my shadow is a monday [deleted] ages ago | reply

      the recipe is really interesting. if i only had an ice-cream machine... (maybe in the future, i'm writing down the recipe)

      but the most important- how did you like this?

    6. She Who Shall Not Be Named ages ago | reply

      yay! you tried the recipe! it looks fantastic! how did it taste?

    7. aloalo* ages ago | reply

      hmm...I've never had one with bread crums.....quite interesting, would like to know how it tastes....

    8. Ann&Ming ages ago | reply

      i’m intrigued w/ the brown bread ice-cream, never heard of it, btw, that’s one perfectly scooped ice-cream. no ice-cream machine here, if I do, 1st on my list will be durian ice-ceam ;O)

    9. évasion [deleted] ages ago | reply

      This is a perfect ice cream ball !! I so would like to try it but don't have ice cream maker ...

    10. redcipolla ages ago | reply

      Nicole: It's not a common ice-cream but has been around a long time (since the Victorian period they say). Great way to use up old bread!

      edyta: I love this ice-cream and so does everyone that's tried it. You can try it even without a machine. Look here.

      Shasta: Yes, finally! It's similar to cookies and cream and has the flavour of toffee but with the crunch of the caramelised breadcrumbs.

      aloalosabine: No, it's not a common recipe but tastes fantastic. Creamy, crunchy, toffee flavour. Yum.

      Ann: Thanks, you liked my technique. There's a link to my reply to edyta for making ice-cream without a machine. Give it a go. Durian ice-cream?! Even though I hate and can't eat fresh durians, I actually like durian ice-cream. Go figure.

      Steve: Ah! All of you will have to try it. See link I gave to edyta.

    11. aloalo* ages ago | reply

      Creamy, crunchy, toffee flavour.....ahhhhhh, sounds like heaven...

    12. my shadow is a monday [deleted] ages ago | reply

      i read it, definitely must give a try someday. thanks for the link :)

    13. redcipolla ages ago | reply

      edyta: Great...hope you do.

    14. dapan [deleted] ages ago | reply

      sounds great!

    15. Scuzzi ages ago | reply

      wow, that is so creative!! it sounds so good! like frozen bread pudding?

    16. redcipolla ages ago | reply

      Dapan: Thanks!

      Alice: You could say so. But without the butter! :D

    17. sasquash_0 ages ago | reply

      Wooohhh! I love the depth on this photo.

      Please post this photo on the WhitePages photo pool

      Inspired by the elegance of white

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