Amnesty International Project
Amnesty International invited us to bring together a collective of six Scottish artists to participate in a project during the Edinburgh Festival.
On the 7th of August 2010, a group of Scottish graffiti and street artists came together to create a collaborative mural at the C Venues during the Edinburgh Festival. The artists involved were Lyken, Derm, Conzo, Elph, Rekor and Syrkus.
They were commissioned by Amnesty International to paint the piece, which depicts themes surrounding the 88 Generation Students of Burma. You can read more about them, the project and Amnesty's work here- and see photos of the event here-
The artists also each created paintings that explore and illustrate themes surrounding freedom of speech and specific AI cases. These paintings are also on show at the C Venues. The work will now be displayed untill 30th August 2010. You can see them here-
It was a huge honour for us to be invited to participate in this project, we hope that in some small way it will raise awareness surrounding the Burmese people's cause. Follow this link to donate money so that more projects like this one can take place-
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