Christine Sun Kim and Beka Goedde. Feedback (2 of 6): Now Hiring
January 6th, 2012

On January 6th, Christine Sun Kim will initiate a performance and installation as the second event in her six-part Session at Recess. Session invites artists to use its public space as studio, exhibition venue and grounds for experimentation.

The artist, deaf since birth, will perform auditory investigations that initiate a slippage of audio into visual. Using non-vocal methods of dialogue to form collaborative vision with visitors to Recess and a cast of collaborators, the artist will create multiple aural perceptions through the use of bodies in motion, microphones, delay pedals, and more.

For this second iteration of Feedback, the custom of the funeral wailer, a person paid to mourn publicly at a memorial service, will serve as the starting point for collaboration between Kim and Beka Goede. The artists will transform Recess’s space into a semi-anonymous place for grieving while creating aural proxies for individual loss. Visitors to Recess may make a written record of their personal losses—the death of a pet, a political missed opportunity, a conceptual void—which will be inserted into a balloon and inflated. This action, along with the sounds of the day’s movements, will be manipulated and projected throughout the space by the artists. As the sounds accumulate and cycle, they will become removed from their origin, rendering singular acts of grief into a shared experience and allowing some release of private loss.

Visitors are encouraged to bring symbols of their loss to decorate the mourning site. These tokens, as well as the balloons holding the records of mourning, will accumulate over the course of the performance, drawing attention to the visual, celebratory tributes that can accompany remembrance.
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