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Well I did it I cut my hair all off last night.

I don't know what came over me to do this crazy act. But I did it..My mom freaked out like i said she would and so was my dad. The all thought I was crazy. They acted as if I said "I'm Pregnant" ( which I am definetly NOT!!) but my mom wasn't mad at the fact I cut my hair she was mad because I didn't come to her. Which I understand and I apologize for not coming to her and I admitted that I was wrong for my actions which I don't do. But I acted as a adult an apologize well almost an adult I cried through my whole apology speech but she got it and all is well now. I still feel her glares and now I have to wait to talk to my dad to call from work so I can do the speech all over again.

But In yesterday picture I was so tired with my hair it made no sense at all.. The wired part is I don't feel no regret in cutting my hair. OH my grandma (my mom's mother) said I need to read the bible some more.. I almost busted out laughing..but I didn't say anything because there is no where in the bible that says I can't cut my hair.. Old people and there old time religion. But anyways I like it (my new me..) and who ever doesn't like well screw them because the people who mind don't matter and the people who matter don't mind. - dr.seuss ( i love that man so much he is so creative..that's where my imagination comes from) But yep.. I talk to my guidance teacher and she said what makes you happy is good don't worry about the outside people. And I thought about and she's right.

But yeah I am going to get some stuff for my hair today at the store. Today my hair was really rough looking but I didn't care.. I didn't...

I walk around my school with my head held high with my messy hair.. Got stares and I laughed and smiled back. I watched and looked at every girl who always and constantly changing their hair to please others and I can finally say that I am not apart that group no more.

And In school when the "popular" (that word is so over-rated) girl takes out her weave it seems like every other girl thats falls behind her does the same things to.. Its a cycle thats is very sad... I like being different.. my mom says that being different and always wanting to be different will get me in a whole wrold of trouble.. But I was confused but I know that being different is good. Its not Like I am going to go do drug or go out and by CRACK for gosh sakes.. But No!!!.....

I know what type of different I am aiming for..Being free of the normal look and life.. But to be honest I feel so new and that I never want to go back to relaxed hair again... I am finally Natural...

So I will post some pictures of my hair later when I fix it up its very rough looking... :)

Hope everyone day was good..




Oh the other day I read some of the things that I had posted on my 365 pictures like the things I wrote and said..I can't believe I opened up like that and I almost felt regret and wanted to take it down.. But its whatever...


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Taken on February 1, 2010