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Leopard in the Blue Jungle | by Mi-ly
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Leopard in the Blue Jungle

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Leopard sharks are at home in many habitats, from kelp forests to sloughs. In shallow water, they nip off clam siphons and suck worms from the mud; electroreceptors in their snouts help them locate buried prey.


Dietcrustaceans, fishes, worms, clams


Sizeto 6.5 feet (2 m)


RangeOregon to Baja California


The leopard shark eggs hatch within the female's uterus the offspring are born live and ready to fend for themselves.


The oldest leopard shark on record was a 24-year-old male.


Not all sharks develop and keep the same colors throughout their lives. Some species, such as the leopard, spend their youth in the shallows protected by their camouflage of leopardlike spots. When they're large enough to live in deep water, their spots disappear.


Leopard sharks are schooling creatures, sometimes teaming up with smoothhound or dogfish sharks.


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Taken on January 19, 2007