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Keeps her memories extended years back, so it makes everything she hears now seem very far away.

- Story People


I hate to bombard you with so many ULs today, but there are so many I want to share -- and if I post one a day I'll surely still be sorting through them come the new year. This girl is not only a fantastic photographer but model. And more than that, friend.


Just think -- you could hire her to stand behind the lens or in front of it.


For those of you following this series, you'll know by now that Laura is a fellow flickr user and contact of mine -- one of my very first ever on this site -- whom I quickly became friends with over the last year. It all started when she sent me a message asking me if I knew one of her contacts, Ashley , in real life. And I did. We went to high school together and are good friends, actually. Small world, huh?


To make it even smaller, later another friend from high school, Kelly , joined flickr and she and Laura quickly became friends as well.


It's kind of an interesting story when I really think about it. At any rate, one of these days, we hope to all get together. So many conflicting schedules make it seem impossible at times. We've tried a few times to arrange such a meeting, but things always seem to fall through. But one of these days ...


In the meantime, go check them all out if you haven't already. ;)

Maybe you'll even find a few cameos of us in each other's streams if you look hard enough.


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Taken on September 5, 2009