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    30 second exposure

    after viewing the wonderful night photography by the very talented notraces, i felt the urge to go out and experiment last night. Nearly froze my fingers off doing up to 100 second exposures, but they were all a little shaky and this was the only usable shot. More to come later when i get the technique right.

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    1. GoSo 116 months ago | reply

      Why build your own remote switch if you can buy one new for 20€ from Canon? Btw it's RS-60 E3 for the 350D (or one with IR). Perhaps you want to use mirror lockup (custom function) as well for these kind of shots.

    2. _rebekka 116 months ago | reply

      lots to learn:)

    3. GoSo 116 months ago | reply

      Go read your manual :-p

      How did you focus here?

      EDIT: Okay, perhaps at f22 you didn't have to...

    4. notraces [deleted] 116 months ago | reply

      R -- I found the time during my meeting to check this out -- great shot --- pick up a remote -- I use the 20D for most all my night shots -- but I also have the 350D -- I haven't used it for long exposures - but I do have the cable for it -- I don't remember it being expensive...

      Anyway --- great shot -- be sure to shoot in RAW mode -- and adjust when you process the file... I'd write more - but I have to get back to work!

      Thanks for the mention -- I really appreciate it --- b

    5. _rebekka 116 months ago | reply

      @goso: i never got the manual (bought the camera through a friend who got me a discount and i couldnt really go back and ask for the manual.. you see:)

    6. GoSo 116 months ago | reply

      You once told me that you didn't have a manual, but I'm sure I sent you a link to a pdf version...?!

    7. _rebekka 116 months ago | reply


      im so ignorant. i'll go check, think i might still have that link..

    8. achuka 116 months ago | reply

      really great shot

    9. Solitaire1 [deleted] 116 months ago | reply

      awesome :)

    10. Sparkle~and~Fade 116 months ago | reply

      Great shot, the blues in this photo are amazing! I look forward to seeing your other long exposure photographs :)

    11. _rebekka 116 months ago | reply

      yes.. i look forward to taking them;)

    12. racingsquirrel 116 months ago | reply

      Rebekka: This is lovely, what was the exposure length on this one?

      Tee: If you are willing to live with a silhouette, then you can put a person into the shot because they are backlit you won't see much of the facial details which are too dark to be blurred. If you want to use a double exposure that would work too.

    13. _tee 116 months ago | reply

      racingsquirre: it seems like if I use a flash on the person (remote flash) then expose them quickly then let the rest of the scene expose normally over time - it would work too.

      I think the real option tho is to composite it -- take the long exposure....take the normal exposure with subject and composite blend the two in post. I can make that work well I think.


    14. _rebekka 116 months ago | reply

      it says right under the picture, 30 seconds..

    15. racingsquirrel 116 months ago | reply

      It does say 30 secs. oops.
      love the shot.

    16. Jesper ツ 116 months ago | reply

      you did well :)

    17. Arfman [deleted] 116 months ago | reply

      I like your latest experiments with long exposures at night. Beautiful!

    18. uooo 89 months ago | reply

      I love each one!!

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