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    ok friends and neighbors, what we have here is a screenshot i just grabbed off iStockphoto (as should be pretty visible), where i have never uploaded a single photo for sale.

    So, what's wrong with this picture?

    I thought i'd bring this to light as a warning and wake up call to folks. I'm not putting the blame with iStockphoto per se, but still, this is a problem that is becoming increasingly annoying, for everyone that uses the internet to showcase work. I mean for crying out loud, out of 31 images this particular user has on his "porfolio" , 25 of them are mine, and at least 3 are of me..

    I have contacted a copyright lawyer about this, and will be doing what i can to tackle this problem in the best way possible, (please, nobody start sending any angry letters or anything of that sort, this needs to be dealt with in a level-headed way)
    but i wanted to tell people about this as well, because this is always happening, and your photos could be on there illegally as well. You never know.

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    1. ages ago | reply

      I hope you have sued both the person claiming copyright through theft and Istock photo. This image was "purchsed" 96 times. Here in the states, any images illegally used or sold is liable for up to $25,000/per use. $25000 x 96 ???? You really need to tackle this aggressively!
      Also, watermark your images on flicker!

    2. preyingjaws ages ago | reply

      'Tis a sad reminder that locks are only for honest people. Thefts will still happen. I know 'we' the many want to up load our best for show case & recruitment of assignments however it may not be the best.
      I haven't read all the comments at this count 553. But my assumption is you are pursuing this legally as well as highlighting the unsavory act performed by some dis-honest person.

      I try to keep my uploads sized to screen shot quality & crappy prints above 4x6d. I know it's rude but I'll boldly water mark anything that could be stock if it goes up larger then that. Also I try to keep a signature on everything.

      & I'm just a gwc. I claim no pro status.

      It sucks to be taken advantage of even more so when they do it out right. Let their original work (if any) be ripped off & have them suffer like the rest of the honest people are...

    3. preyingjaws ages ago | reply

      Every photo sharing site I know of has some sort of picture theft happening, whether they acknowledge it by staff of not. Their is no safe haven.

    4. valgraphies ages ago | reply

      I found a solution. I only take crappy shots.

      I had the same problem when a jamaican tourism website downright stole some of my vacation shot and used them as marketing tools on their website. Yahoo and Flickr were worthless. No use at all. Please, let me know how turns/turned out.

      Seen on your photo stream. (?)

    5. Candlemaker ages ago | reply

      I think Adam Curry had a similar problem three or four years ago, not with iStockphoto, and he had a good result when he pursued it. A Dutch court ruled in his favor if I remember. There is probably something about it on his blog.

    6. Leo Cavallini (inactive profile) ages ago | reply

      solved? but I think it should have a way to prove your pic is really yours, like checking the original file... lawyers are considering raw files and exif as proof but... how does the image seller check when you gonna sell your stuff on the web?

    7. marcus918 ages ago | reply

      Please respect intellectual properties!!!

    8. TonivS ages ago | reply

      I'd be spitting fire!!! Glad to see you handling this responsibly. I say nail this f*&ker to the wall!!!!! I too have seen my own images being used in other sites but it was my own fault for not copywriting it correctly. But I have sorted that problem out now. My question though, is... how does someone gain access to so many of your photos? Is this a problem with flickr? Or just a very talented thief?

    9. ages ago | reply

      That must have scared you!
      I recently found out my pictures have been stolen and abused on various sites. I already upload low res, it doesn't matter.
      We artists must give our time to the art of photography or to what art so ever and not chasing thieves :-)
      I think it's the other side of being a great artist, your work and i esp. love the scenery images, are stunning!
      Rebekka, i wish you luck

      BTW, i found your name, when i was purchasing info about Getty images


    10. NikonD7100 Feeling Better. ages ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Who Have You Blocked Or Banned?, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    11. tomluth ages ago | reply

      I am hoping, a year later, that there has been a reasonable resolution? At the very least, the removal of all of you images mis-credited to this other "photographer."? Sorry that you have had to deal with this.

    12. cdubya1971 ages ago | reply

      Ah - the ugly side of the internet shows its face yet again.

      It's not all roses people... file sharing, photo nabbing, all par for the course.

    13. Arthur Seabra |fotografia ages ago | reply

      i would say put your signature where it's harder to clone out from now on. I had the same problem with this shot: Statue of Liberty at Sunset
      when it was stolen not once, but twice!
      so i put my sig in a pretty annoying but safe place, it hasn't been stolen yet.
      What's funny is the first person that stole the photo tried selling it to a a postcard company, that contacted me because they saw my name embedded in the exiff!

    14. brett imaging ages ago | reply

      Thanks for the heads up! Good luck fixing that problem.

    15. motionless tray [deleted] 119 months ago | reply

      I've heard about this happening !!!
      Man..., I'd want to kick someone's A#@ !!
      Your work is wonderful !!!
      I hope you got this resolved !!

      Seen on your photo stream. (?)

    16. Amanda Hsu 阿曼達 112 months ago | reply

      can't believe this sort of thing would happen...some people do anyting for money..shameless

    17. curved door [deleted] 112 months ago | reply

      Any updates on this issue? :)

    18. B. R. Murphy 102 months ago | reply

      I hope this got resolved, I have accidentally "found" my images in a few places, I wonder how many have been borrowed that I don't know about.

      I hope you got something out of this!

    19. nic7320 102 months ago | reply

      Some day, well... I hope some day my pictures are good enough to steal. You're obviously way, way ahead :/

    20. Todd Baker 83 months ago | reply

      What's the latest update on this? Was anything resolved?

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