Commemorating Partition and Civil Wars in Ireland, 2020-23
Photographs from events associated with the 'Commemorating Partition and Civil Wars in Ireland, 2020-23' project.

Commemorating Partition and Civil Wars in Ireland, 2020-2023 is a project run by Dr Marie Coleman and Dr Dominic Bryan at Queen’s University Belfast. The project, which is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, examines approaches to the 2020-2023 period of the ‘decade of centenaries’, on both sides of the Border.

All papers at project events have been recorded for podcasting by Real Smart Media and are now available on History Hub. Speakers included:

David Armitage (Lloyd C. Blankfein Professor of History at Harvard University)
Civil Wars: A History in Ideas.

Dr Bill Kissane (London School of Economics)
State formation, contested legitimacy and civil war in independent Ireland 1922-23.

Dr Gemma Clark (University of Exeter)
The nature of communal violence in the Irish Civil war

Dr Tuomas Tepora (University of Helsinki)
The Finnish Civil War and its legacy, 1918

Dr Anne Dolan (Trinity College Dublin)
Divisions after the Irish Civil War

Dr Gavin Foster (Concordia University)
Local and Family Memory of the Irish Civil War

Dr Matthew Lewis
Northern experiences of the Civil War's aftermath

Prof. Richard Kearney (Boston College)
Commemoration: Trauma and Recovery

and Prof. Maurice Manning.

Listen to the podcasts at:
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