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too busy to take photos and thus the unexpected urge to upload one of my most terrifying mementos of childhood: the pirates of the caribbean family portrait from disney world. scan by mom; costuming by walt disney corporation.

we don't really seem to be into it, do we?

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  1. mizstacie 108 months ago | reply

    those things fuckin freak me out

  2. palmea 108 months ago | reply

    i like the freak tag

  3. very/every 108 months ago | reply

    back when disney didn't have as many tentacles.

  4. mizzyb 108 months ago | reply

    there's the whiff of "do we look stupid?" about you, yes...

  5. placeinsun 108 months ago | reply

    family holidays at their pinnacle

  6. stagewhisper 108 months ago | reply

    omigod...I have the urge to type LOL because I just well, LOL-ed. Hysterically.

  7. stagewhisper 108 months ago | reply

    ...still laughing.

  8. ghostwrangler 108 months ago | reply

    dad's sword looks particularly fearsome

  9. azucena 108 months ago | reply

    i love how they made all of you pose- the littlest one with her goblet, you holding up your skirt, and how dad looks like he's about to pierce that pirate's scull with the knife in one hand and decapitate your mother with the sword in the other. yet you all smile.

  10. meadows 108 months ago | reply

    ARRRRRGH. this made my morning.

  11. dbrown 108 months ago | reply

    completely breaks my heart

  12. madmaxnyc 108 months ago | reply

    Oh my God, that's freakin AWESOME.

  13. SeenyaRita 108 months ago | reply

    The fake guy in front looks like Burt Reynolds. Do you mind adding this to our pirate group? www.flickr.com/groups/24388299@N00/

  14. robin dennis 108 months ago | reply

    and of course there is a pirates group. I should have known.

  15. Trois Têtes (TT) 108 months ago | reply

    welcome to the prates group, yaar!

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