Dominicana Gringas Dominican Republic
These are some of my favorite fotos of my favorite country. My dog Sniffy and I came here to live in February 2001. I never regretted the move.

We came here from a little town in Pennsylvania, Mars. We now live in the capital city, Santo Domingo. In the Zona Colonial.(to learn more about Colonial Zone and Dominican Republic go to or to read my blog This is the oldest settled city in the Americas. this is where Columbus brought people to settle in 1492.

After 10 years I still live in Colonial Zone. I have a new dog, Teli. My old best friend Sniffy died. I waited a few years and now I have my baby Teli. She even has her own blog

I love life and all the adventure it has to offer. Even if I have to take it slow, Life is sooo good!
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