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    freighters in english bay.

    back to film after a brief interlude with the olympus. i love tri-x; i love the grain, i love the tonality, i love the old-school look. i also love my hasselblad. ok, i'll stop now.

    1. Fireboy Creative™ 24 months ago | reply

      I whole heartedly agree. What lens are you using on the hassy?

    2. rcwgrey 24 months ago | reply

      just the plain old cf80/2.8. "just," it's probably the nicest lens i've ever owned. i need to get an adapter for my nikon...

    3. Taking it easy... 24 months ago | reply

      You love a lot of things but it's hard not to love this one. I too likes the grain of film.

    4. Glen~P 24 months ago | reply

      All good things to love, Rob. I like the subtle motion in some of the freighters. Nicely done.

    5. rcwgrey 24 months ago | reply

      thank you, eugene. back when i started shooting film again i was really in love with the nearly grainless look of fuji acros - i still really like acros - but i've grown to love the look of the grain in this sort of landscape-type application. the extra speed makes it a little more versatile, too.

      thanks. i made sure to include little bits of land just in case the ships moved around too much. though, that may be an interesting abstract effect, having no well defined elements in the frame. something new to consider...

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