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The Sign Says | by fireonthehill
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The Sign Says

This project was supposed to go on an art trail outside... but due to the winter season - it was hung inside ... and the class desires to meet again to install outside....


This was the collaborative class created proposal:


Innovation Academy Charter School is an establishment that has always enabled its students to express creativity through a large number of means. Such action is greatly encouraged, and in this vein, students from the art class, Ideal versus Real, have created signs that are meant to express creativity and freedom of thought. The art class proposes that an art trail be installed on the school grounds on the short trail that goes from behind the quonsot hut to the grassy field near the pond. This trail would be installed until after the exhibition night in June. It would then be dismantled before the beginning of the summer.


The idea of creating this exhibit outside has been motivated by a an idea to recognize nature and its importance in the environment around the school, as well as the belief that it will also be a way to exhibit high quality student work in an entirely original setting. The installation will break new ground as far as dynamic displays of student work are concerned. The idea of a trail itself is original, and the works presented will be unique in content. The art styles and subject matter of these signs are diverse and interesting, and pertain to nothing more than each individual artist's creative whim. Exhibition of work in this manner has never previously been attempted; this is an Innovation Academy Charter School first.


An art trail, rather than an indoor gallery set up, will give the viewer the opportunity to interact with nature and see a relationship between the art and its surroundings. The point of creating it as a trail is to attract an audience to the outdoors. IACS has a wealth of underused land that should be explored, and the art trail will create the opportunity to do this. An art trail would effectively connect art with nature and bring the community out into the lovely land. The viewer cannot have the same appreciation for these signs when they are displayed in a gallery, on white walls, or any walls for that matter. Displaying them in nature, rather than in a gallery, adds extra depth. When displayed outdoors, the viewer will have the opportunity to take in not just the creation, but its surroundings. The integration of art and environment, and the interaction of humans and their habitat will be a true experience, rather than a mere viewing.


This undertaking has also been a new experience for the artists. It has been a way for students to express themselves freely and share in other students’ thoughts on an honest and uncensored level. When creating these signs students were not given any parameters, and were given the freedom to talk about whatever they deemed necessary. This freedom allowed students to express everything from the political to the emotional, the real or the imaginative. These signs will allow the community to interact with each other on a new and personal level. The existence of this trail will act as a catalyst to opening up dialogues about issues that are important to students and will create an alternative way of communicating themes that might otherwise be difficult to talk about. The trail will create an arena for students to express and experience each other’s thoughts.


If allowed to be permanent, the installation will have a positive impact upon the community resonating into the future. Classes could use the trail as an outdoor learning space for increased tranquility; one could see it as a “creative muse.” We are confident that the trail will benefit the school by transforming the outdoors into a classroom and acting as an outlet for openness and creative expression.

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Taken on January 10, 2011