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beginning sheet mulch garden

This is a picture of our sheet mulch garden on June 21.



A base layer of discarded ice cream boxes.

A second layer of leaves.

A third layer of horse manure we got for free from a local farm.

A fourth layer grass clippings.

Fifth layer was granite dust we get from free from a granite cutter.

Sixth layer was compost for free from a landscaper friend. We have to sift it ourselves - but we filled plastic buckets for days of that stuff (plastic buckets are also taken from a waste pile from a friends office who works with environmental clean ups)



Started indoors in March with much difficultly - as we moved into a 1760's home that had no working heating or plumbing. So to say our seedlings that survived with us throughout the cold months of March and April would be to say they were tenacious plants that were very trusting in us!


Throughout the season we added grass clippings, leaves and a fertilizer of diluted human urine. Human urine is the fastest acting source of Potassium, Nitrogen and Phosphorus. One pee in a 5 gallon bucket of caught rain water is a great dosage for plants. This came in helpful throughout this season as New Hampshire had A LOT of heat this summer ... Many many long sunny days in the mid 90's. A proper summer of heat to balance the bitter cold! But definitely a stress on these annuals.


The hill side we planted them on is South East facing and our side yard. There used to be three huge trees protecting this lawn but the previous owner cut them all down and left the trunks across the driveway.


Here is an article from Science Daily and the use of Human Urine as a fertilizer on food crops:


And a wiki:


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Taken on June 21, 2010