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Mercedes-Benz 260D Pullman Sedan 1938

Stuttgart, Alemanha.


Referência no museu = E 6 M 3 C 2


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About the Mercedes-Benz 260D Pullman Sedan 1938


The Mercedes-Benz 260 D was the world’s first diesel-engined passenger car from large-scale production. It was particularly economical because its engine consumed little fuel and operated on favorably priced diesel. In the Pullman sedan version, the 260 D was the ideal taxi and also in great demand as a sedan for traveling long distances.


Cylinders 4

Displacement 155 cu in

Output 45 hp (33 kW)

at engine speed 3000/min

Top speed 59 mph

Production period 1936-1940

Units produced 1967


About the Mercedes-Benz Museum


The Mercedes-Benz Museum – A milestone in contemporary architecture


Located at the gates of the city, visitors to Stuttgart are greeted with the view of a unique new structure. Designed by UNStudio, one of the world's most respected architecture firms, the Mercedes‑Benz Museum is worth a visit for its design alone.


Ben van Berkel, joint founder and Director of UNStudio sums it up like this: "The Mercedes‑Benz Museum sets up an interface for a series of radical spatial principles in order to create a completely new typology."


One of the most outstanding aspects of this groundbreaking concept is the route taken by visitors through the Museum. They do not begin their visit to the exhibition at a conventional entrance at the base of the building. They are transported by lift to the top floor. Here they have the choice of two tours, during which they descend through the building. The paths of each tour meet on each floor, enabling visitors to switch between tours – the Collections tour and Legend tour – should they wish to do so.


120 years in the spirit of tradition


As inventors of the automobile, we are aware of our responsibilities. Our pursuit of perfection and passion for building cars have been an established tradition for 120 years. This tradition was extended in unique fashion in May 2006. At the birthplace of the automobile, Mercedes‑Benz stages an exciting journey through history, enabling you to experience the identity and legend of the brand.


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Taken on October 20, 2009