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Finished garden

The freshly finished garden snapped in daylight.


So far, this project has gone reasonably smoothly. The first hole was dug on December 3, 2011, and this photo taken on February 1, 2012. The sunken raised-bed garden space connects to the path outside the broken concrete slab retaining wall, with disintegrated granite floors in both areas. Landscape lighting is provided to wash the hedges and the garden floor, and provide good light on the stairs in and out. Automate sprinklers are in place for the garden beds as well as the hedges and citrus trees, a new hose bib is available for occasional use, and several weather-proof outlet boxes are installed and ready for the electrician to wire up. (The lights and sprinkler controls are temporarily hooked up via an extension cord to the house.)

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Taken on February 1, 2012