Burger King double cheeseburger (foodirl.com submission)

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    Compared to the value menu items from a few months ago (eg, the meat patty from the whopper jr), Burger King has reduced the size of the meat patties by nearly 40% (smaller diameter and thinner). The color and texture of the beef shows evidence of fillers being added to the beef. The advertisement on the Burger King website also showed that it contained two slices of cheese but in reality there is only one slice. Aside from problems I listed, you do get a little bit more food for the money

    While the quality has gone down a bit, it does taste pretty good for a value menu item. Since it has slightly more beef than than the other items on the value menu, it does fill you up for longer period of time. While the double cheeseburger may taste good, all is not well. Due to the new reduced size of the patties, some of the patties may be overcooked which causes it to have a weird and dry taste. Out of the two that I bought, one of them contained overcooked patties.

    1. duconihilum 65 months ago | reply

      Reduced? Compared to what?

    2. Razor512 65 months ago | reply

      compared to the whopper jr meat patties (both the double cheeseburger and whopper jr use the same meat patties and both are smaller than how they were a few months ago)

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