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Night 12: Perseid Meteor Shower~Jacob Lake | by Dr. RawheaD
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Night 12: Perseid Meteor Shower~Jacob Lake

Yes, "Day 12" continued all the way into the night :-D


Well, technically it was the following day, but..


Anyway, our last major destination for the trip was the Grand Canyon, but this time, we wanted to hit the North Rim, rather than the South Rim. All the lodges near or inside the park (n=2) were fully booked, we got a room at the wonderful Jacob Lake Inn 45 miles to the north of the park –– highly recommended for anyone in the area.


Since this was the night of the 12th, when the Perseids were supposed to peak, I decided to try my luck again, alone (cuz nobody wanted to wake up in the middle of the night :lol:). I snuck out of the motel room past midnight and drove the couple miles to the camp ground right next to Jacob Lake––apparently more a pond than a lake.


Let me tell ya, it was worth it.


Even though I definitely heard some pretty big animal walk by me at one point and I almost wet my pants––I'm guessing it was a deer––and the fact that it was cold as hell––temperature just a handful degrees above freezing––and I had to wrap myself in a sleeping bag as I stood and took the photos, the display put on by the meteor shower was phenomenal.


I went out thinking "I'll call it a night after I've seen my 100th shooting star". It took about an hour and half to accomplish, and that is with my eyes off the sky part of the time as I had to check the cam every now and again.


Unfortunately, I never caught a huge one in any of my shots––you really need a massively bright one to go across your frame to get an impressive image. This was one of the biggest/brightest I saw, and it was definitely impressive to the eyes, but all you get is that little thing. This is especially true with the Perseids, which tend to fire off bright, but fast and short meteors.

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Taken on August 13, 2010