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    Here's another weird bench at nearby Jamaica Pond. Definitely more functional, though, than the now-gone really weird bench.

    This is another Rolleiflex that I got in my continued search for the one TLR.... was in OK shape, but after finishing one roll, suddenly the aperture won't open wider than F8. Weird. I'm getting the feeling that I'm just going to have to bite the bullet and plonk down some serious dough to get the one I'm truly satisfied with... or, just go back to my trusty 124G :-P

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    1. chiif 61 months ago | reply

      All Rolleiflexes are awesome machines! If it doesn't work, just send down to a technician to get it fixed. It should get back on its feet for another 50 more years!

    2. © el_ultimo 61 months ago | reply

      Lovely camera and great DoF!
      I like that lense that you are using!

    3. Seven | Dreaming | Souls 61 months ago | reply

      Rolleiflex very nice! i wish i had one! :D

    4. Vijay.. 61 months ago | reply

      Excellent work!! Great dof!

      Seen in some comments. ( ?² )

    5. zedouve 61 months ago | reply

      Yeah, very nice DOF !!

    6. Studyjunkie 61 months ago | reply

      super shot - perfect DoF

    7. *setsuna 61 months ago | reply


    8. ~ Maria ~ 61 months ago | reply

      Wow, what a treasure. Beautiful!

    9. Jim Mayes 61 months ago | reply


      Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)

    10. Anie* 61 months ago | reply

      just beautiful :D

    11. Dr. RawheaD 61 months ago | reply


      Perhaps you're right.... though the imperfections in the optical elements of the two I currently own makes me hesitate. If the optics were perfect, then i wouldn't mind spending a chunk getting the mechanics fixed...

      © el_ultimo

      Thanks! I have to give Rollei credit there, for sure. They make beautiful TLRs.....

      [Seven Dreaming Souls]

      Well, you can get them for cheap if you look and can live with some imperfections :-) I got the 2.8C for $200 and 3.5E for $300.

      Vijay.. zedouve Studyjunkie

      Thanks!!! I am quite pleased with the DoF I'm getting out of the GF1 + Kern Switar combo :-)))


      ほんとに。ねー! もとの造形が美しいが故に(普段はあまり気にしないんだけど)外観の不具合が気になってしまうという諸刃の剣だけどw

      ~ Maria ~ (off and on)


      Jim Mayes

      そうなんです、すみませんw 現在、模索中で。1台、完璧な二眼を入手したら落ち着きますんで!

      Yiannis Pantziaras Anie*


    12. myu-myu 61 months ago | reply


    13. ~SheebaC /peggyc 61 months ago | reply

      .. like this one, even though not weird as the other one !

      Thank you for the bench contribution !

      Waiting room overflow ...
      Seen next to a fellow photo of the group "Benches of the World". ( ?² )

    14. María Digital 61 months ago | reply

      Me encanta el desenfoque...

      Vista en el Grupo:
      bench / Bank

    15. Dr. RawheaD 60 months ago | reply


      遅ればせながら、ありがとうございます。本当に! でも、修理に出しましたw 修理費の方が購入費より高かったりして……OTZ..

    16. Dr. RawheaD 60 months ago | reply

      María Digital

      Muchas gracias!

    17. Dr. RawheaD 60 months ago | reply


      Thanks always! I'd like to do more bench hunting :-)

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