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Act of Terrorism

That's right, mofo, that's what this is.


You see, this is a chemical plant in Everett, MA. I've taken shots of this place before, cuz there's a Costco there that we'd go to once in a while. We were there again today, and since I haven't been out shooting at all, figured I'd take my tripod and cam to snap a few.


While I was setting up and taking a couple of test shots, I hear a guy behind me asking "Hey, whatcha taking pictures of?". You get those once in a while, so I'm like "Yeah, just those chimneys over there" and this guy, who turned out to be a guy in a bulldozer plowing the snow in the Costco parking lot, is all like "That's an act of terrorism" and seriously, it was all I could do to keep myself from flicking him the finger and tell him to go fuck himself. Instead, I just told him I can take photos of whatever the fuck I want and advised him to call the cops if he disagreed.


Yeah, that sure is the world we live in :-P


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Taken on January 18, 2010