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Bo•ke•hol•ism | bōˈkāhôˌlizəm; -hä- |

noun Photography


an addiction to the out of focus (OOF) areas of a photographic image, or the mental illness and compulsive behavior resulting in sickeningly narrow depth of focus (DoF) shots every time the afflicted presses the shutter with his/her trembling fingers, and/or the pursuit of faster and faster lenses that will provide even narrower DoF. It is said that there are no cures for this disease until one finally reaches DoF nirvana through the acquisition of a 50/1.0(0.95) Noctilux, 50/1.0L(0.95S), Aero Ektar 7"/2.5, Zeiss Ernostar 24cm/1.8, or all of the above : he had a long history of LBA, CBA, and bokeholism.


Bokeholics must see this Large On Black

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Taken on December 3, 2009