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Opening Day (097/365) | by Dr. RawheaD
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Opening Day (097/365)

[Unlike most of my pics on Flickr, this, and the other Opening Day shot, are "All Rights Reserved." I will castrate you if you use them without my permission]


So today was Opening Day, and a good day it was (sorry Rays fans... but you can SUCK IT).


You should've seen me. I had my K20D w/ the Super-Rot 35/2.8, and an Arsat PCS 55/4.5 + tilt adapter, as well as the Hartblei TS-PC 45/3.5 on a tilt adapter doing the double tilt, and my 5D equipped with the Hartblei Super-Rot 80mm f2.8, and my Pentacon Six with the TS-PC 45/3.5. I must've looked like a madman with all these humongous crazy looking lenses on big cameras, firing away, going from one cam to the other. Tee hee effin hee.


Anyway, one thing I learned today.


Even if you have a similar FOV––say, a 55mm T/S on an APS-C sensor and an 80mm T/S on a FF––for a given tilt amount, it's always going to look better on the FF (better in this case meaning more blur on both sides of the focal plane) because the longer lens is going to have a "thinner" DoF.


The K20D with a double tilted TS-PC 45/3,5 gave me about the same amount of blur, and hence the same degree of "miniature-ness" as the Super-Rot 80/2.8 on the 5D with only 8 degree tilt.


So, as I had suspected, but kind of sad to accept nonetheless, it makes little sense to use my K20D for tilt shifting; I'm always better off using the 5D, because you can always minimize the tilt effect by lowering the tilt value, but you cannot add more tilt than you get with maximum tilt.


From now on, unless I have reasons to want to have two cams shooting side by side, I will take my 5D for all my tilt shifting (which also means I should grab an EF mount tilt adapter :-).


♪What Dustin Did♪


Weapon of the Day: Canon EOS 5D + Hartblei Super-Rotator 80mm f2.8

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Taken on April 7, 2009