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Nathan Fillion @ the Flanvention

Ok the story behind this. I don't know if it was accidental or on purpose, but this is what happened. Some one ask the guys who was their favorite female counterpart on the show. Alan said his was rather obvious, Gina. Then Ron said his would have to be Morena since character wise they were the same and the opposite on the ship and because of all the fun they had teasing each other about it. Then Sean respectfully declined to answer, saying there was no way he could choose cause he was fond of all of them. That left Adam and Nathan, and 2 of the ladies, well they talked amongst themselves as who would pick who. Adam answered by picking Summer because of her youthful innocense. Which left only 1 female and Nathan, Nathan then said he wouldn't tell us but he would show us and he opened his shirt and there was his answer. Enough said.

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Uploaded on December 25, 2005