Operation Come Home & Paint It Up!
Ottawa Urban Arts, as part of Ottawa's Paint It Up! program, did an Art For Action workshop on June 18th with some youth at Operation Come Home. Eight signed up and all loved it, their comment was no-one had ever done something like this for them before - and when could we do it again! Was encouraging to see their enthusiasm and fresh ideas - lots of potential here. Images they developed wiill be used by OUA for a mural at The Mission on Besserer st. Meanwhile, some of these youth have been showing up at the Tech Wall to learn more from us, seeing us as not only artists but role models. We'll be taking some later to do a production at a Hull legal wall.
OCH, on Murray street, has a mandate to prevent homeless youth form becoming homeless adults. Their program includes education, training, social enterprise, and a drop-in centre.
The Paint It Up! program provides funding for community groups, property owners, artists, and youth groups to work together to redirect youth into a mural program that covers up unwanted tagging, teaches the youth new skills and ways to express themselves. . In addition, these murals foster a new appreciation within the community of this art form.

Ottawa Urban Arts is a collective of artists, many with roots in local street art and graffiti murals, that can not only do great murals, but that can also mentor and develop aspiring young artists. Our Art For Action program is designed to mentor and redirect youth at risk in a creative environment, while providing hands on training in a variety of styles and media. We encourage youth to define and discuss issues within their community, and make their voice heard through positive forms of artistic expression
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