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my beating heart the anchor to a ship so warm

it's the ice in the seam, the scheme of you

you're supposed to have the answer

you're supposed to have living proof


I've felt soooo inspired lately, scribbling away in my little book, constantly sidetracked and distracted by the visions in my head. Thank god I can put them somewhere, or else they'd probably drive me crazy. Er. CraziER. And I finally bought a new remote that's supposed to have a long range and through walls. Not that I'll need that, but dependability at range will definitely be appreciated.Nothing worse to thwart creativity than faulty gear/equipment.


This isn't actually the picture I set out to take before sunrise this morning. I was thinking of something more sinister and representational of how easily we tend to leave our old lives, selves and relationships behind when we need to. We'll see if that photo comes to light. At any rate, I see something darker coming. It's overdue. Truth be told, and maybe this will come as no surprise to many, but those are my favorite. Those are usually the ones I'm more proud of. I guess because it feels like I pulled something out from deep inside that doesn't exist there anymore and it isn't and wasn't created to be aesthetically pleasing in any traditional sense. Anyway, I fell in love with this light and was exuberant as I usually am when I find how lovely it is to be awake and seeing the world that other people sleep through. People driving and cycling down the adjoining road were no doubt wondering what a woman was doing at sunrise running around on the tracks. I kinda love that. People need to be surprised and shaken up. I'm certain I'll revisit this place again, maybe at sunset to see what the light looks like coming from the opposite side of the tracks.

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Taken on August 19, 2012