3d pan white

a reckoning that's coming to make something right

it's true you were running for cover,

the worst of the worst was not done


Nightingales are known for their songs of love and longing, but they also represent a creative soul who yearns to grow and is reaching for that potential. These nightingales represent a transformation in my soul to stay true to what my heart tells me, but also to keep an open mind about the possibilities the future holds. It's so easy to get lost in the now and the limited potential it seems to hold sometimes, ... the endless obstacles. The truth is that it's always moving. Life's endless current is constantly making such subtle changes all around us that there are so many times I wake up and realize how much my life has changed from 10 years ago. In so many positive ways.


I was inspired by some other shots with similar ideas, including the lovely photos by Dara Scully and also endlessly inspired by the representation of flight and the fascinating creatures who do it so effortlessly.


Two more things: when I was setting up to take this photo, a man on a motorcycle drove by and went through the lake parking lot down the road, circled around and drove by again. Then he turned around and came back, parked by my car and just sat there looking at me, obviously very curious about what I was doing. After asking me if I was okay and me assuring him at least three times nothing was amiss, he finally left. I get that some people are ... well-intentioned, but this kind of thing scares me a little. Especially since I know I didn't look distressed. Also, almost three hours into editing this picture the first time, my Photoshop crashed and locked up and everything was lost so although very frustrated and disappointed, I regathered my thoughts and started again and tried not to let it affect me negatively. That's sort of a metaphor for life: we can either choose to let setbacks diminish our spirit, or we can use these things as an opportunity to do something better. I know this edit is better than the one I was working on, and I'm thankful that something forced me to realize that.

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Taken on July 29, 2012