Snow baby!, Denmark Street, Bristol

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    About time, too.

    I broke three or four rules of photography that I set for myself. 1) Never get too excited about something to the extent of ruining photo cause your hands shaking. 2) Never use flash in the streets, especially when there's a perfectly lit streetlamp around. 3) I don't know, 4 sounded like a good number of rules to have. 4) Stop making stuff up on the spot.

    Anyway, thrilled and excited etc. Snow. A bunch of us made snowballs and fought. My gloves were soaked through and fingers were freezing and yet... My friend socked me on the ear with a viciously large snowball. For the next few days, I am going to concentrate on getting my balance back, and my hearing with it.

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    1. eCCentricVagabond 53 months ago | reply

      happy Hols Bro :)

    2. Ravages 53 months ago | reply

      Thanks muchly, all of ya'll.

    3. prashkan 52 months ago | reply

      U broke your self-imposed minimalism too...but i'm glad you did. Brilliant shot.

    4. Ravages 52 months ago | reply

      Thanks man

    5. saanidhya 52 months ago | reply

      rules are meant to be broken!!! :D u had seems!!! how are u doing??? :)

    6. Graniers 52 months ago | reply

      its excellent to hear you are enjoying Bristol ! David and his partner are still in Belgium, I am sure they will be in touch in January

      Have a tremendous New year my friend

    7. Ravages 52 months ago | reply

      Hello! I'm doing good. How're you?

      : Thank you Patrick! Hope you had a superb christmas lunch and season. Best wishes for 2010.

    8. RaoDK 52 months ago | reply

      Hope you like the Winter!

    9. Pandiyan 52 months ago | reply

      Rules unlike lenses could be broken.

    10. Ravages 52 months ago | reply

      True analogy

    11. krissy (duude!) 52 months ago | reply

      Lovely! The snowflakes and the light are so pretty. How come you didn't upload those other two photos to your stream? I like both of them, but my favorite is the first one you posted.

      As said before, I am glad you broke your rules. That's a lot of fun to do!

    12. Ravages 52 months ago | reply

      Thanks Krissy. Yeah, I am glad I broke rules as well.
      I did upload the the two to my stream, but I kept it private - I am being very selective these days on what kind of photos I want to display. Just a phase I am going through. ;)

    13. krissy (duude!) 52 months ago | reply

      Hmm, well, it is your choice I suppose....however, if it were public I would fav it because I really like it, and I could probably stare at for a long time. I like that one better than the other one you didn't post because everything is sharper and it almost looks like bits of fire are falling down with the snow. And I like it better than the one you have posted because it's more abstract, though I really like it as a street scene. Not like I'm trying to convince you or anything... ;-)

    14. Ravages 52 months ago | reply

      Check mail. :)

    15. Ravages 51 months ago | reply

      Thank you, !

    16. Ravages 51 months ago | reply

      Glad you like it, Adrian! I love the moment as well.

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