Minolta W.Rokkor HG 35mm f/2.8 (Serial# 1415658)
Minolta made these from 1958 to 1966. The original preset version of this lens came out in 1958. The the Auto diaphragm version came in 1959. Then this one I have is the 1965/1966 version.

I found this lens in bad condition - lots of battle scars cosmetically, and scratches on the glass.

Thankfully no fungus, haze or balsam separation, so worth a try on my Nikon D5200 via freelensing (I don't have a Minolta camera!).

It seems like the glass is single coated?

I like how the images look pearly (not cloudy) when tested. It gets sharper by f/4 down to f/16.

Video Demo: youtu.be/5H8svHmSbD0

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