The Art of the Constructeur Bicycle
Exhibit of René Herse + Alex Singer (+ one Barra) bicycles at Il Vecchio Bicycles, Seattle, WA. 9/24-9/26, 2009.

The real documentation of these bikes is in Jan Heine's books available at Vintage Bicycle Press (or at fine bike shops everywhere). I highly recommend his books. My 2nd rate snapshots don't do these bicycles justice, and the beautiful photography in Jan's books DOES do them justice.

I tried to group the bikes in the set so the description card appears first and then all pictures of that bike. The fully chrome René Herse camping bike with racks didn't have a description card when I was there.

Also, there was one René Herse in the window that I didn't take any photos of (too much backlight from inside the store, too much reflection from outside... plus I was overwhelmed).
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