How and where not to do The Fishstick

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For good measure, there's some Tighten Up and even some Boogie Oogie in there, too.

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  1. accessible circle [deleted] ages ago | reply

    This is a lot funnier once you've heard the podcast!

  2. Dave VanderWall ages ago | reply

    Pure poetry in moving pictures, Sandwich. Perfectly suitable for Flickr.

  3. Karl Gunnarsson ages ago | reply

    The Fishstick, all by itself, justifies videos on Flickr.

  4. chief place [deleted] ages ago | reply

    The Fishstick is perfect for web video... so much emotion with so little motion makes for very effective compression.

  5. David Grove ages ago | reply

    I don't mean to be all Ned Flanders-like but The Fishstick seems a bit flashy for my taste.

  6. glueslabs ages ago | reply

    Way to work that green screen magick!

  7. nmyra ages ago | reply

    this is great. haha.

  8. kishba ages ago | reply

    This is a dance Mr. Rogers (rest in peace) would subscribe to. Also, I like your sweater.

  9. mysterious string [deleted] ages ago | reply

    Merlin Man did us all a favor by achieving virtually nothing by inventing something where yo do, well virtually nothing.

  10. elated argument [deleted] ages ago | reply

    Amazing! Your face is the best.

  11. kindly play [deleted] ages ago | reply

    omg you guys that looks so hard!

  12. Richard Gunther ages ago | reply

    Wow...this is just awesome. Did you prep the folks around you? And just how did people react? Did they eventually figure out you were filming this?

  13. Jory™ ages ago | reply

    I don't know where to begin! I thought I was ready to Fish Stick until I saw the soul clap at the end. This is not as easy as I expected. Just the same - I'm gonna keep practicing.

    That's for the motivation - and the great moves!

  14. aronoff ages ago | reply

    This. Seriously. Exhausts. Me.

  15. atalina ages ago | reply

    I love it!
    I've made people laugh and that today is quite difficult,
    people tend to live with that face of continuing anger.
    A fresh air with your video!
    You're totally invisible to others!

    Greetings from Spain (Galicia)

  16. ages ago | reply

    Weather is goOd or nOt ur still such an asshole (lol)

  17. ages ago | reply

    Wow it was a great party i loved it, dancing with the block people awesOme!!Hahaha!

  18. dracpod ages ago | reply


  19. Bill Barol 111 months ago | reply

    I don't know how I missed this for two years. This I do know: Now that I have found it, I will never stop watching it.

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