"yes — i can hear you..."

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    1. MSH* ages ago | reply

      that is one great picture.

    2. lookin glass ages ago | reply

      I really like both shots, each for very different reasons. The grainy, high contrast look of the challenger's is cool and stylish, and adds a great deal to the atmosphere, whereas the minimal approach of the defenders has a very soothing appeal.

      The only drawback about this shot, for me, is the light at the top center - it distracts from the lone figure. And I realize that can go either way.....


    3. ephemerion ages ago | reply

      I think your graininess adds to the overall picture its own element, but I personally prefer the smooth exposure and tranquility of the defenders. Your scene is haunting and is fraught with interesting textures, but overall I am drawn towards the reflective picture of the defenders.


    4. Dharma Bum '75 ages ago | reply

      I like this a lot. Not sure what about it, but it really struck me, so I listen when intuition speaks! :D

    5. star_gazing_in_az ages ago | reply

      Ditto ephemerion.... noneof100bw#3 (<-- how do I add bold or italics to the text?)

    6. puss_in_boots ages ago | reply

      The previous comments and the respective choices summarize very well the nature of this contest. I have very little to add except that I find that the impact of the defender's is very immediate but somehow shallower.
      So purely on the base of my inner feeling I vote


    7. *tdl* ages ago | reply

      I think your image is fantastic. the composition, subject, and graininess (processing?) are great. however, like the above comments, i'm drawn to the serene nature of the defenders image. to me, it's perfect in many ways.


    8. petecarr ages ago | reply

      Excellent photo

    9. Alive in Calgary ages ago | reply

      The mood of this wins out for me

    10. H@shim A ™ ages ago | reply

      Great shots guys... and as pointed out above, both with strong moods - one with nature and one with an urban landscape.

      For me this one, with the hint of tint and also the starkness of the contrasts seem very effective. I'm enjoying the leading lines and shadows in this very much. The reflections in the defender are extremely well handled and it has also has a very strong composition, but at the end of the day my vote goes to the challenger.

      Next vote decides the outcome... good luck to both.

      -vote 1of100bw#4

    11. wilfredo pascual ages ago | reply

      two contrasting renditions on the silhouette of a man. both appealing.

      i'm looking at both as mood pieces. between the challenger and the defender, respectively it's a choice between the gritty and tough or the mystical and sacred.

      i'm basing my vote on control. technically, i think the challenger went a step over on the contrast (although i understand the need to highlight details).

      still, it's a tough choice. both are great. so --

      noneof100bw #5.

    12. JJParé ages ago | reply

      i must admit, to lose because of a 'ditto' vote adds a little bit of the sting to it, but whatever. my mother always taught me that if you don't have something to say, then it's probably best not to say anything at all.

      thanks for the close fight, everybody.

    13. Monkey Magic ages ago | reply

      I like it, is that figure a person or an alien? looks like a still from a sci-fi set.

    14. star_gazing_in_az ages ago | reply

      are you kidding me? If ephemerion has stated my sentiments why should I rewrite the same comment again...so you have to read it again...and what is do different about ditto and tdl's comment about "like the comments above, I'm drawn to the serene nature...." it's the same sentiment and calgary's vote (although in opposition) is of the same sentiment also, commenting on the mood of the image...

      here's something i'd like to say: GROW UP AND STOP WHINING LIKE A BABY

      how's that for you? feel better now?

    15. JJParé ages ago | reply


      had a little bit of pent up angst to offload there, AZ ?
      feeling better now?
      glad i could help.


    16. junekwon ages ago | reply

      great lines of the windows. also love the shadow and reflection on the street.

    17. björgvinsig ages ago | reply

      great picture ..

    18. shallow badge [deleted] ages ago | reply

      awesome! love this one!

    19. frigante ages ago | reply

      This is fantastic!

      I'm an admin for a group called Liberty Village, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.

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