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Everyone needs an expert.... I am that expert!

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  1. mcconico 72 months ago | reply

    I can see that... I am gonna need to hire you to show me how to make millions, since you ARE the expert. Woo hoo!

  2. obrazu 72 months ago | reply

    So much symetry, I like it

  3. senator dingdong 72 months ago | reply

    i thought you wanted to focus more on the importing and less on the experting.

  4. 92Twenty 72 months ago | reply

    nice shot and creative composition!

  5. Derek Dysart 72 months ago | reply

    I really like the composition on this, though it feels a little in need of a bit of straightening.

  6. HeyGabe 72 months ago | reply

    Expertise is easy.

  7. Pete Prodoehl 72 months ago | reply

    Mr. Dysart... you don't straighten an expert... an expert straightens you! I am an expert in straightening. You on the other hand, are probably not.

  8. Pete Prodoehl 72 months ago | reply

    Senator, we will focus more on EXPERTING and less on IMPERTING.

  9. Pete Prodoehl 72 months ago | reply

    Mr. HeyGabe, I have yet to see your credentials... Please submit a photo of yourself that suggests that you are an EXPERT with such a denotation in the actual photograph as you see above.

  10. Pete Prodoehl 72 months ago | reply

    Mr. Dysart is obviously an expert now...

  11. phlewte 72 months ago | reply

    teach me your ways!

  12. Pete Prodoehl 72 months ago | reply

    Ms. Phlewte, to be an expert, one must either claim to be an expert, or have others declare you an expert, or... have expertness thrust upon you.

    If any of these things happen, I suggest you take a photo denoting your "expert-ness" and upload it somewhere.

  13. Retinal Fetish 72 months ago | reply

    Love the symmetry and reflection of this..

  14. V'ron 72 months ago | reply

    And what is your field of expertISE?

  15. Pete Prodoehl 72 months ago | reply

    Mrs. V'ron, I am an expert in all things that expertISE has been bestowed upon me in... or on. (Not sure on that one...)

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