We'll come united!
We’ll come united – Demonstration Hamburg 29.09.2018
Against deportation, exclusion and racist agitation –
for freedom of movement and equal rights for all!
We know already that September 29, 2018 will be the most beautiful day of the year. It will be our day. We are many, we are different and we struggle every day on our doorstep. We’ll all come together in September. We will come to Hamburg by car, train and bus. From villages and towns, from camps and shelters, from welcoming initiatives and aid organizations, from construction sites, schools and universities. With soundtrucks, performances, lyrics, music and carnival we’ll chase away the cold, the racism and the heartlessness from the streets of the city. Together we’ll draw a picture on the streets: the picture of our friendship, the picture of a diverse and fearless life in solidarity. When we move, the world moves!
Call for the anti-racist parade in Hamburg, September 29, 2018
United against racism
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