Tom's negs so far in August - hmm... why is he shooting this much - for answers click on the pic

Here are some of the negs Tom will go through for his next write-ups for LHSA's "Viewfinder" and also for the FLICKR of course.


For Tom's forum at RFf see



Both he and I check out the pictures our friends and contacts have

posted on FLICKR. -


Everything about photography and pictures and of course our own products

is a true labour of love for both of us! :-)



  • Miguel Teixeira PRO 8y

    And some people went to digital because they shoot much more..... Riight.... I'm amazed!
    Keep the Passion then!
  • T&T and Mr B Abrahamsson PRO 8y

    Well, not only did I not go digital with cameras. I am still using a wet darkroom! Spent 6 hours today in it. Kind of like it, radio blasting 60's music, although I was waiting for "Beatles" and "when I am 64", did not happen.
    For those who right now are trying to decode my marks on the negfiles.Very simple, E-226 just means that it is part of Vancouver shooting - started with V, but added A/B/C/D over the years. Stuff shot outside of Vancouver/US starts from the other end of the alphabet. Very simple; date (month/year) and occasionally film type.
    At the bottom (on 6 frames/7 rows you get a couple of inches of space) I write down developer/film type and asa if it is changed from normal as well as camera/lens combination. I rarely change lenses, just carry a couple of bodies instead. I edit from the file pages, black squares around what looks interesting and those occasionally gets printed or scanned.
  • Miguel Teixeira PRO 8y

    Many thanks for a explanation on the "Index" system of yours.
    I start early in photo (6 year old I remember), being both parents and the family business a Photo studio and lab, which close down last year after 43 years of hard work, to late to them to go on new digital routes....
    As many son's of Photographers you knew inside that the business was very difficult to maintain... cowardly I went to other routes professionally (IT, IT , IT...) still, after more than 20 years at IT at least allows me to keep shooting and buy some film (and Giga cards too).
    Now,if I ever come with an idea of wet darkroom.. I'll be living under a bridge on the next second!
    She has been very supportive on the last 28 years (she just bought me a R2 for my Nikkor LTM lens!!).. but that "dark thing" I know is out of limits.....

    Apologies for writing too much on your page.

    HAPPY 64!
  • Friedrich Schiller PRO 8y

    wow!! what a pile!
    I thought I shoot much because my ring-binder can´t hold this years neg´s anymore but you must go through a ring binder every one or two months! very impressive :-D
    happy birthday once again! I´d consider myself lucky if I ever reach 64, good work!!! :-))
  • Pan ---- シリル 8y

    Happy birthday Tom !
  • Hamachi & Toro 8y

    Wow.... if I ever shoot that much of film in one wife is going to kill me for sure. :-)
  • Derrick Woo 8y

    Holy smokes! I don't shoot that much in a year, forget about a month!
  • T&T and Mr B Abrahamsson PRO 8y

    Tom also shoots a lot to test Rapidwinders & various
    developers & new hardware.

    So he does not only take pictures for publications, write-ups, RFf or for own fun.

    For Tom's forum at RFf see
  • .Bosk 8y

    Gee and I thought my situation with storing negatives was bad - but at least your appear to be properly cataloged and organized!
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