Wanda Raimundi - Ortiz
with Kaitlyn Helene Sass &
Diandra Miller
June 1, 2013

“Bargain Basement Sovereign” was born from an argument with a former lover. A nasty one, where I was bashed while being called his Queen… i responded… Im your Bargain Basement Sovereign … I rule for Less…. the relationship ended, but the idea haunted me… the lack of accountability to those you regard the highest in your life. Parents. Siblings. Lovers. Those are the ones we usually dump most of our trash on… with impunity… because we can. Big Love allows room for forgiveness of vile, sometimes inexplicably cruel dumping… mainly because we are spared the fallout. We purge our sins, castigate those we care for indiscriminately, more often than not, absentmindedly. In this performance, I aim to revert implication back to the viewers as both they, and I are very aware of the trash gifts they bear.
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