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Rancho Seco Nuclear Power Plant (Decommissioned)
Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR)
Location: Clay Station, California
Net Output: 913 MWe
Date started: 04/1975
Date closed : 06/1989
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  1. TahoeSunsets ages ago | reply

    Here's another obvious, but still interesting, note...

    Google Maps of the area are obscured for security reasons but you can still make out the two cooling towers in the satellite photo. Notice the demarkation between classified and unclassified resolutions.

    Google Map: Rancho Seco Recreational Area

    "Bring the kids, stay awhile!"

  2. Tony Russomanno ages ago | reply

    Great color work. There was a greeting card many years ago with orange cows grazing against the background of Rancho Seco. The caption was "Radioactive cows debating the merits of nuclear power."

  3. TahoeSunsets ages ago | reply

    Thanks Articulate. This shot was actually alot of fun to work with. When I came across the power plant by accident (pardon the pun), I saw the photo in my mind and I was excited. After I taking the photo, I just didn't like the final result. It was boring and seemed to be missing that pizazz and excitement I felt before I clicked the shutter.

    After buying Corel Painter IX last month, I've been learning to play with the features by going through some of my older "boring" shots and seeing if I can make them more exciting. This one was simply color curve manipulation done in a two-step fashion. First the foreground and then the background. I was blown away at how the sky gradient came out.

  4. TahoeSunsets ages ago | reply

    RE: "Radioactive cows debating the merits of nuclear power."

    I found my (limited) research into Rancho Seco very enlightening as well. Brought online in 1975, it was the same type of reactor technology in use at Three Mile Island. The Three Mile Island event occured in 1979 and by 1989, those cows with voting power managed to shut this baby down. None too soon, according to the hindsight of the NRC.

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