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Thank you NYC Resistor and @barrolivia !!! Samson the fuzbal, 1999-2013. Good dog. Dog and flowers Samson in the Yellow House DOG at VERG Samson on oscillograph upload Dog, inverted upload Cabbagetown   Foreground spring, background winter up the stump Windy dog I have a phd: a pig-holding dog. Forbidden beast Fuzz descending a staircase

1999-2013. Good dog!

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anjamation says:

A very amusing set, the little fellow there sure made me smile. The videos are well done, they're ordinary but yet different. Cool! And a little scratching behind the ear for Samson :o)
Posted 106 months ago. ( permalink )

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worldslargestthings says:

I do believe this has become your most obsessive set!
Posted 105 months ago. ( permalink )

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Cynthia E. Wood says:

I really think you need to get a second doggie and call her Delilah. :)

Not that Samson isn't cute beyond belief all on his own.
Posted 104 months ago. ( permalink )

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Marxchivist says:

Samson looks like a total joy to have around.
Posted 61 months ago. ( permalink )

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