Instrument-a-day 28: wind up time code

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Turning the click-clack of an old wind up motor into MIDI time code to control the playback of a recording.

Next I'll try controlling the speed of a video!

(Inside the box, the wind up motor has a flapping arm that interrupts a light beam. Each clack of the motor generates a MIDI SPP command which tells the computer how far / fast to move through the recording.)

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  1. horticultural art 37 months ago | reply

    It's fun to see your creativity...the question...what's next?

  2. ranjit 37 months ago | reply

    I ask the same question every day :)

  3. Riccardo1982 37 months ago | reply

    HI, I find your "instruments" very interesting. I have a suggestion: let's say you can make a sensor which produces a different steady sound depending on the intensity of the light it is exposed to. It would be interesting to place it in a place where the light can genge quickly and repeatedly, for example under the shadow of a tree in a windy, sunny day. Would that be doable? I would love to see where it would end up. Probably would create a kind of ambient music. What do you think?

  4. ranjit 37 months ago | reply

    Riccardo, take a look at Quintron's Singing House for a beautiful installation that's related to your suggestion.

  5. p_kirn 36 months ago | reply

    Ha, wonderful!

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