Take Away Triangle
Take away Triangle is a community based art-work which is in situ for the duration of the festival. Located on the triangle in central Ranelagh ‘Take Away Triangle’ is an outdoor participatory art-work led by Maree Hensey and Róisín de Buitléar. It proposes to initiate a dialogue about the Triangle, a historical landmark in the village. Its purpose is to explore what the change in focus for this central location in Ranelagh means to the community, and what they feel about the current identity of the Triangle.

The plants are a reference to the horticultural history of the area. By involving the community in a 'drop in planting project' the artists can engage with the public, develop a debate and stimulate discussions around what the Triangle is used for. Opinions, ideas and critiques are being collected from members of the community including local school children, passers by and local residents. Suggested uses for the space are being recorded and planted in the scheme. After the 10 day festival the community, are invited to take away a section of the planting, to plant it in their own garden, thus reclaiming the angle metaphorically
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