My scratchbuilt Battlestar Galactica
I built this model while the TV show Battlestar Galactica was actually on TV. It took me approx. 9 months to build it.

It is about 44 inches long!

I built it in a 10x12 foot bedroom with a full sized desk and a twin bed with a chest of drawers in it! The desk had a pull out on each end and I worked on it on the pullout that was closest to the center of the room (literally) and put it up onto the desk when I wasn't working on it!

I used balsa, card stock model parts and even some scrap blanks from work!

I only had what I could see of the ship on the actual show and some photos and a partial blueprint that were in a magazine (Starlog I think) to go by when I built it, so no it isn't accurate!

The "Head is too short, the landing bays aren't in proportion with the rest of the ship either but... I think I did pretty well considering how little I had to go on!

BTW... I did take it to my local hobby shop for a couple hours to show it off... that was a feat in and of it's self! While I was there these two guys walked in and offered me two jackets and laser pistols and holsters in trade for it! No joke... I had just spent 9 months building it and there was no way I was about to sell or trade it!!!

I moved from Cleveland OH in 1983 and had to cut it into 3 sections to get it into my car! It sat in the basement here for over 20 years and in 2005 I spent a couple months restoring it and brought it up to where it is now... upstairs in my bedroom.
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