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Business Card Cube Gift Box (mangled) | by Randy Cox
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Business Card Cube Gift Box (mangled)

Inspired by Dr. Jeannine Mosely's business card Menger sponge, but not possessing 66,000+ cards, I decided instead to make a set of Soma cube pieces. Unfortunately, with the cubes paneled by cards to make a smooth exterior, the dimensions of the assembled Soma pieces weren't quite right and the pieces did not stack well.


What then should I do with the hundreds of folded business cards? Make a box for my wife's Christmas present (a flickr pro membership) of course!


I printed the handy flickr-pro gift card, folded it neatly and placed it into the center of a business card cube. Then I attached more and ever more cubes until it was at the heart of a 3x3x3 large cube. Paneled with some more cards (finally running out of "Tupperware" cards and having to finish the paneling with our white family address cards), it was a beautiful solid cardstock objet d'art. I then wrapped it in paper and ribbons in the traditional manner of Christmas gifts.


When my wife unwrapped the glorious thing that I worked so hard to create for her, braving papercuts and dry skin, she was nonplussed. "I hope this business card cube is not the actual gift."-- her words were like daggers in my heart!


I assured her that she would find another gift at the center of the cube when she had received all of the joy she desired from the cube itself and decided to undertake the disassembly. So my wife, ever gracious, immediately starts to take it apart. Does she remove the cards neatly so that it can be reassembled? No, dear reader, she does not. Instead, she actually tears some of the lovingly folded and tucked cards in her haste to recover what she deemed to be the more desirable gift.


Of course I forgave her. That's what love is all about. Isn't it?

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Taken on January 3, 2007