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    1. glamorous gold [deleted] ages ago | reply

      that's amazing carlos! i can't even do the one against the wall :P

    2. randomguru ages ago | reply

      i had to practice this against the wall because i kept falling over, which was always a scary experience (falling backwards).

      then one day, i just was able to do it somehow. it's all in the breathing.

    3. glamorous gold [deleted] ages ago | reply

      how long did it take to get to this stage? my upper body is weak, i almost twisted my wrists when i tried it with the wall! i think i need to refrain and try something less difficult.

    4. randomguru ages ago | reply

      i'd been doing yoga on and off for years, but recently have been practicing yoga practically everyday for more than a year now.

      i only recently felt i was truly ready for the headstand just some months ago. but i'd been doing sun salutations and other asanas before i felt strong enough to do the headstand.

      take your time and be patient. once you get into the headstand without falling over, just hold it for a few seconds. and each day, add a few seconds more. if you hold it for too long than you are used to, you'll get a little bit of a sore neck.

      so, it's important to gradually lengthen the time until you can hold the pose for 5 minutes or more.

      i usually hold the pose comfortably for 5 to 10 minutes. and focus on the breath and being as calm as possible. to me it's now a pose for meditation, like the lotus pose... once i'd gotten used to it. :o)

    5. glamorous gold [deleted] ages ago | reply

      thanks carlos! i will keep your advice in mind!

    6. randomguru ages ago | reply

      you're most welcome! :o)

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