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Home Office

This is the current home office setup, upstairs... after an extensive cleanup and organization. It was a total disaster area a couple of days ago.


This would be RBJ Central, where the Rice Bowl Journals website is maintained....


A little bit of info on the computers:


Left: This is a Macintosh PowerPC G3 (beige), purchased back in January 1997. It's 10 years old and still running fine. The original monitor was replaced with a Sony CRT monitor. The hard drive is 6 gigs, 233 megahertz processor.


Middle: A Dell Dimension PC, purchased around 2000, another ancient computer but still runs. It's 1.2 gh processor, Intel. 20 gig hard drive 128 megs RAM. I need to upgrade the RAM and somehow connect an external HD or replace the current one.


Right: I have a Macintosh Powerbook G4 15" laptop, purchased in 2003. 867 meghz processor (motorola), 40 gig HD and 256 megs of RAM. The screen went out and so I am using a flatscreen monitor, turning my powerbook into a desktop. (I dropped the powerbook a couple of times, unfortunately. and probably why the screen went out).


Also connected to the powerbook G4 is an external CD/DVD burner by Plextor, and an ION 40 gig external HD, and a multiple USB cable for connecting several USB devices and flash drives.


I mainly use the Powerbook G4 for working, so I finally got around to buying more RAM so that I can bring it up to it's full 1 gigs of RAM capacity.


My very first computer, a Macintosh SE (the small one) was purchased around 1989. And is not shown. I donated it to a family member a long time ago.


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Taken on August 11, 2007