• In case you want a little green in the office, look Up ahead
  • Name plate removed - never actually in place though
  • Representing the Comic Shop
  • Previous occupant was a milky sod
  • the Comic Shop business card on the back of a chocolate carrying golden pig from Hong Kong
  • Right-handed doing it left-handed
  • Was there before the arrival
  • Used to be the only CRT in the entire building before being replaced last week
  • Coat hanger which gets banged every so often with a twong sound
  • Raised from the dust of the tables
  • Can't seem to place the owner of this
  • Sandwich of the day - cheese and salami
  • Surface cleaner with a really strong smell
  • Valve Oakleys still making it big
  • Chocolate covered licorice bar
  • Surplus cable snatched from the new monitor's unboxing ceremony
  • Anti-static bag what carried the new LCD screen
  • The start of what will be a cling wrap pyramid or obelisk
  • The Easter egg I was talking to you about
  • Day old pear, slightly softer now
  • Papers from some one who no longer works in the building
  • Calendar of 2007 and 2006
  • Once used as a sleeping corner for the first two weeks
  • Promo flyer from a breakfast tub cereal
  • Where I call and talk with the wife all day long.
  • There is a pen here
  • Hardly used waste basket, using others at their desks instead
  • Style guides and document rule reminders
  • Tastes of overpowering Hubble Bubble grape.
  • Eclipse gum
  • Polo shirt with company logo, might nick off with it when the contract is done
  • Foot rest or stand that only maxes up at 35Kg
  • Not Milton's stapler, just a hole puncher
  • Company flyer
  • Felt tipped green pen. Because they don't stock purple in the stationery cupboard
  • USB stick with Firefox Portable
  • Can't find the keys for this, most likely stolen by the previous cubicler
  • Useless mousepads

Paper boats in staple moats

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There are places to work and places to do nothing at all. In the current adventures of Return to Parsing, it is a mixed match meld of the two. Over looking King Street Wharf on two of the three sides, it's hell with harbour views. Only it's not really hell and more a luxury in doing what grammar and style demons are all about.

Note the awkward nature of the cabinet underneath the desk and the angle of the computer and keyboard. Ergonomically unsound to the extreme, it's a placing made to look out into the harbour and wharf. Otherwise, just the plain view of blinds or the face/back of the head of the bloke on the cubicle in the right off panel.

And yes, it's super fine ears that pick up a whispering phone when not looking at the display flash red with an incoming.

  1. Mr St3v3 [deleted] 98 months ago | reply

    lmao ergonomical always makes me laugh, as if our ancient cave dwelling ancestors used keyboards and mice

  2. Crack a Spine 98 months ago | reply

    Fantastic background on the screen.

  3. Soon. 98 months ago | reply

    Well, the background is only one of a series of shots taken by a great and fantastic photog and writer. It's a rotating swap in sky and nature.

  4. Crack a Spine 98 months ago | reply

    *smiling sigh*

  5. 5upernatural 98 months ago | reply

    is this KPMG?

  6. Soon. 98 months ago | reply

    KPMG? Where would you get such a notion?

  7. 5upernatural 98 months ago | reply

    Because the desks, chairs, magnets, phone and office layout is identical. KPMG also overlooks king street wharf. But if it isn't nevermind!

  8. Soon. 98 months ago | reply

    Identical to what?

  9. copper fingers 97 months ago | reply

    OMG that's awesome!!! I've got photos of my cubicle at work just like this!

    I'm also in Sydney :-P

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