Homestead Gallery 2007
Following on from the success of the exhibition held in conjunction with the London Design Festival last year, the Random Collective is announcing a new exhibition of Random postcards to be held from Mon–Fri, 16th–27th April 2007 at the Homestead Gallery, 148A St. John's Street, London WC1V 4UD.
The gallery will also be open on Saturday 21st April from 12-6pm.

The Random postcards feature typographically-led responses to randomly-assigned words, created by participants from as far afield as Brazil, India, Russia and the US.

The project is open to all – people who've got involved so far include Dave Gorman, Ed Fella and Isabelle Parker (age 10).

If you'd like to join in and contribute a postcard (of ir you already have and you'd like to create more!) email a number between 1 and 100 to and we'll send you back your Random word.

And if you've already done a postcard, post it to us now and get another word...

The April exhibition will expand throughout its duration as visitors are invited to create a postcard over a cup of coffee and have it added to the collection. There will also be various activities including a 'make a postcard' brunch and a typographic pub quizz.

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