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Downplay From my saddle to yours Come Hell or High Water Spirit World Take my breath away..... Butter  Me Up Unframed... Keep your Eye on the Prize Ghost Rider Inhale...exhale....sigh! I'm gonna miss her.... Stepping Stones of Life Back to my old stomping grounds The Weeping Wall He's my mountain Cool Down If you followed Cowgirl's Inukshuk Alas, we are just specks..... ~Connections~ *Mirror *Mirror

Skiing in Jasper, Athabasca Falls,Miligne Canyon, riding in the Kootenay Plains and Banff.
Alberta Canada.

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Bev In Colorado USA says:

These are so spectacular...each one a gem. Hope this set grows!
Posted ages ago. ( permalink )

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cowgirlrightup says:

Thanks ILUVFOTOS....i should be able to get more pics this summer.
Posted ages ago. ( permalink )

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Wil Zoetekouw says:

i will be visiting this set often..brings back wonderful memories of a beautiful place on earth!. i truly hope my dream comes true when it comes to future generations being able to enjoy this wonderful part of the world as much as i have done and am..
Posted ages ago. ( permalink )

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kjatexas says:

Wonderful set. I yearn to be there.
Posted 119 months ago. ( permalink )

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winteridge2 says:

such fantastic country you live in, and you do a great job of capturing it all with your camera. If only I were 40 years younger, I think I would Go West!
Posted 116 months ago. ( permalink )

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LaVeta Jude says:

Well now I am really good and homesick! This is a beautiful set and from one Canadian to another.....isn't this just the best place on earth?!!!
Posted 115 months ago. ( permalink )

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carnico33 says:

What a magic atmosphere! I love all your "set".
My compliments!!!
Posted 113 months ago. ( permalink )

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MoodyGoat says:

Just a note to let you know how much I enjoy your photos. They are truly magnificent. You have a gift for capturing your world in pictures and the rest of us are enjoying it. Judging from the number of comments on your photos, you don't need another contact, but I do check out your photostream a few times a week just to see what you've added. I'm never disappointed!
Posted 104 months ago. ( permalink )

george d. franklin., [deleted] says:

beautiful set...
Posted 103 months ago. ( permalink )

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noredavet says:

I don't know who you are but you have the most amazing photographs I've seen....I study as an amateur photographer ( classes) and my neighbor is a professional and your pictures are far better than my teachers' or my neighbor's stuff. Please tell me how to see more or purchase prints.... Frank (
Posted 103 months ago. ( permalink )

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JuttaMK says:

It shows that you are in Love....
Posted 100 months ago. ( permalink )

Crooked Hill [deleted] says:

Oh to live in the Rockies!! Wonderful collection of images. Your skill and passion show beautifully.

Seen in your The Rockies set. (?)
Posted 93 months ago. ( permalink )

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wild out west says:!!! I'm pretty much speechless!
Posted 92 months ago. ( permalink )

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KarlGPhoto says:

Beautiful set! I'm getting the urge to move back to Montana after seeing these.
Posted 90 months ago. ( permalink )

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rabidash* says:

Great shOts...
Thanx 4 sharinG...

Posted 55 months ago. ( permalink )

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